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Artificial Grass Products

Are you spending your weekends maintaining your garden rather than relaxing in it?

Artificial Grass is the perfect and permanent solution for all your lawn related concerns. Why spend long hours in the sun taming and grafting towards your gardens' needs: Mowing lawns, watering grass and even spending money on fertilisers, pesticides and weed killers only for this process to be repeated again in the later forthcoming months: when you can simply purchase Artificial Grass and haveit laid on a desired area you wish and spend your summer days lounging in the pristine weather. Artificial Grass GB offers you this service with premium quality grass which is carefullyselectedby members of our team who have had many years' experience within the industrytheir decisions are based on durability, colour and how realistic it lookscompared to natural grass.

Artificial grass is an investment due to its durability that will bring you a decade of stress free lawn endeavours: recent Improvements in Artificial Grass means it is increasingly being used more often in home lawns, gardens, commercial areas and even indoors.

Benefits of having an Artificial Grass.…

 UV Stabilised: Artificial grass will always keep the same green as when it was first purchased this is due to its UV Stabilised feature preventing the colour from fading.

Child and Pet Friendly: Artificial grass is completely suitable for children and pets: there is nothing within the grass that would bring harm to them.

No Weeds:We all know how difficult and time consuming it can be to stop unwanted weeds. Lay Artificial Grass on a weed proof membrane and it is instantly and permanently saved from weeds.

No Mowing : Artificial Grass makes you free from the laborious and time consuming activities such as mowing your grass regularly. Unlike natural grass, this artificial grass turf is ideal for those with busy life schedules who want to relax in their gardens with minimum work effort.

We import worldwide 16 different variants of Artificial Grass which feature varying pile heights, colour tones and textures. We are very confident in ourselves that you will definitely find the grass you're looking for when browsing with us. Artificial grass has endless amounts of utility and purposes: what you do with it can be left to the imagination.

Why not order one of our feeler samples to test out the brilliant aesthetics of our grass and see how much of a difference it could bring to your life: with the best prices around this is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on.

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